Innovative Blockchain Token Economy
Connecting traditional investment to new technologies

A comprehensive token ecosystem with full investment and banking services

Global tokens
Distributed ledger technology ( blockchain) will fundamentally shift the way we think about financial assets and how the financial industry will operate in the future.
Blockchain technology
  • High scalability, compatibility, practicality and privacy
  • Zero-fee BOLT technology
  • Intelligent token liquidity algorithms
New investment banking and consulting business
  • Restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, financing
  • Global optimization of productivity factors
Innovating the economy through tokens
  • Securities/bonds/commodities/futures/options/foreign exchanges/financial derivatives
  • One-stop service for digital asset management
Token credit and asset management
  • P2P lending, mortgage and refinancing network
  • One-stop service for digital asset management

A pioneer in the financial field embracing new technology

Traditional business: financial services
  • Securities trading/financial trading/consulting services/traditional market qualifications
New token technology
  • Tokenizing all sectors: financial, educational, medical, agricultural, real estate and other scenarios
  • Tokenizing the economy and changing the face of the financial future
Pioneering the era of the blockchain
  • Linking traditional capital and the blockchain economy, we pioneer a new kind of investment banking
  • Open and transparent, we operate digital asset investments as a listed company
  • General financial industry blockchain services

Token derivatives

A market that’s broader and more direct

“Compared to financial products like securities, options, futures and other derivatives can be more directly certified, with a huge market.”
  • Wide coverage: In addition to traditional financial securities, the underlying assets covered by our options include commodities, interest rates and foreign exchanges.
  • Large volume: Non-standardized options cover all valuable assets.
  • Geographical distribution: The current options market is led by the United States, with more than 16.5 million equity options on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange alone. Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong have developed options markets as well.

General Consulting Services - Industry Pioneers

We provide a comprehensive blockchain certification consulting program, which has received wide acclaim and become a pioneer in the industry with excellent assistance quality and comprehensive services.

Ecosystem design consulting services

Token economic ecosystem design, certificate incentive and consensus mechanisms, proposals for modeling stable community development, etc.

Financing consulting services

Top Investment Institution (FA services) docking and and resource docking for large exchanges

Brand community consulting services

Consultation and resource matching services for brand building, community building, event planning, etc.

Legal compliance consulting services

Global blockchain policy and regulatory guidance, various policy interpretations, legal advisory services, corporate communications and partnerships.

Technical consulting services

Consensus mechanisms, transaction verification mechanisms, distributed underlying mechanisms, privacy solutions and interoperability solutions.

Quantitative consulting services

In-depth strategic consulting for liquidity and volume

Token lending - Industry pioneers

Global consumer credit market and digital assets

The global credit market is vast

Southeast Asia, with a population of 600 million and a large consumer base, has had in recent years an annual credit industry growth rate of more than 10%. In Europe, consumer finance accounts for about a quarter of the international market, and in recent years total consumer credit balance has reached a trillion euros. In China, the balance of consumer credit reached 23 trillion in 2017, with an annual growth rate of nearly 20%.

Credit industry adapted for digital assets

Smart contracts can execute the functions of mortgage, lending, etc. of digital assets. Avoid third-party platforms with bad intentions by keeping to P2P transactions.

Smart contracts for P2P lending
  • Distributed architecture
  • Eliminate reliance on third-party institutions and the need for banks or third-party lending platforms

  • Trustless system
  • Smart contracts guarantee users’ loan interests without having to place trust in the other party or lending platform

  • Increase transparency
  • Transparent ledgers eliminate the trust usually required when trading between two financial institutions

  • International usage
  • Lend anywhere cryptocurrency is recognized, breaking geographical restrictions and regulating the balance of global supply and demand

Token asset management business

One-stop management system for intelligent cryptocurrency investment

Intelligent investment modules
- Passive index strategy
- Active investment strategy
- Third-party policy imports
Cryptocurrency trading modules
- Quantitative analysis
- Lyric analysis
- Research reports
- Policy analysis
- API trading modules
Fund management modules
- Create and publish fund products
- Fund follow-up management and maintenance
Performance analysis module
- Performance ranking algorithm
- Performance feedback mechanisms
Visual management module
- Full account summary management
- Visual asset management

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